Are you an Artist or Performer? Looking for a unique location to practice or perform? 
The Grotto is available for private events, artists, and performers, and also has hired many performers for private events.  So whether you're looking to be hired or for a cool place to practice or host your own event, contact the GrottoBoss to discuss.
Photographers / Models / Painters

Want to hold a workshop, or build out your portfolio? The Grotto offers amazing backdrops in any season.  Firepits on cool nights, waterfalls on hot days, and a lot more throughout the year.


Special scenes and themes such as Game of Thrones and Shibari are made possible by the scenery and setting of the Grotto.

Live Art / Performers


Are you a model or live performance artist looking to perform in a unique location? The Grotto is unique and will provide a memorable experience. 


Between natural fire light, torches, LED mood lighting, and the combination of rock, water, iron, and wood, the Grotto has everything you would want for a background or context.


Looking for a judgment free secluded spot to practice or perform for a limited audience? This is the place to be!


The Grotto has hosted theater productions, live bands, comedians, fire dancers, and more!

Private Events
(Wedding / Reception / Ceremony / Ritual?)

If you have an event where you want a special, memorable, nature related outing or ceremony, the Grotto will fit the bill.  Or if you''re just a unique group of friends needing a private place for a fun gathering, or a private ceremony of some kind, reach out!

An intro to the Grotto

A little taste of the Grotto

Queen and Escort

Khaleesi before their time...